Standard WiSmart EC32LXX module Eval Board/SDK

Part No WiSmart Module Development Environment Software Interfaces Features
EC32L13DK EC32L13
Full Dev Kit
EC32L13DK Free Toolchain Free library, Example Applications, full Wi-Fi management, TCP/IP stack, WPA/WPA2, Application Ready SPI, RS232, U(S)ARTs, I2C, I2S, ADC, GPIOs, SDIO, DAC, USB, MCU JTAG
WisAudio DK
 WiSmart Module:

Audio Codec:
Audio pre-amp

WisAudio Rev.4[DKB url=”” text=”Demo Instructions” title=”Instructions for Femo” type=”normal” style=”gradient” color=”blue” textcolor=”#ffffff”] Free Toolchain Free library, DLNA 1.5 ready with DMR and DMS functionality. HTTP and RTP audio streaming, webradio ready solution,
Full Wi-Fi management, WPA/WPA2,
TCP/IP stack,
Audio Application Ready
CODEC analog audio out, CODEC I2S out, Pre-amp audio out, MicroSD slot, TTL serial debug port, JTAG

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