WiCReal: Serial to WiFi

Based on the popular WiSmart EC32L modules, convert serial communication interfaces into WiFi and send data anywhere over internet using WiCReal.

WiCreal is a PCB mountable module solution and includes serial-to-wifi application software.

The solution can simultaneously serve two serial ports and have different network IP/Port destination for each one of them.

WiCReal supports buffering, scheduled transmissions of buffers and much more.

Basic characteristics of the solution:

  • Serving two simultaneous serial ports
  • Using the appropriate transceiver HW the WiCReal can be used for:
    • TTL-level serial signal
    • RS232 interface
    • 485 serial interface
    • CAN-BUS interface
    • USB (device) interface
  • Advanced power management
  • Ultra low power modes as low as a few uA
  • Send scheduled data based on
    • Time (i.e. every 100ms)
    • Data gathering (i.e. every 1300bytes)
    • Combination of the above
  • Full AT commands control
  • Fast Wake-up times as low as a few ms
  • Fast roaming as low as a few ms
  • High throughput capability for bandwidth demanding applications
  • Serial-to-WiFi application is Open Source for the customer

Download the WiCReal product brochure here.