Econais EC19W01 Module

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Econais EC19D01 Module

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How To Easily Put M2M and IoT Devices Online Using A Wi-Fi Module
“When should you specify an integrated Wi-Fi module versus developing and building an in-house solution?” asks Alex Manos, CEO of Econais. “This white paper explains the advantages of using WiFi as the wireless connectivity medium, and shows how to add WiFi to your solutions – including technical considerations, as well as a step by step guide to connecting a device to the web.”
Econais Inc. signs Orion Technologies in Canada
"The Orion team is extremely excited to be the new Canadian representatives for Econais. Their technology, feature sets and miniature form factors are perfectly suited for the wireless, IoT, and M2M marketplaces and the rapidly evolving application demands," said David Zimet, President of Orion Technologies.
Econais Launches the World’s Smallest, Smartest and Most Integrated Wi-Fi (SiP) Module.
The EC19W01 incorporates the latest Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n standards and features to give designers a full array of options for embedding the module in their designs to get their devices on the internet and in the cloud as smartly as possible. Fully certified with FCC, EC, IC, and soon TELEC. Features include AirPlay, Wi-Fi Direct, ProbMeTM configuration, full TCP/IP stack, HTTPS/SSL, DHCP Client/Server, WPS, legacy Wi-Fi Client and SoftAP modes with WPA/WPA2 support, Serial to Wi-Fi, Cloud Service Support, and more. Very compact, the EC19W01 is 14x16x2.8mm in size.

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Demo Videos

The following demo videos show some nice things that you can do with WiSmart and Econais technology.

FAE Manager, Nikos Vokas, demonstrates how to get the STMicroelectronics Nucleo board onto the internet in less than 20 minutes using the Econais WiSmart Daughterboard for the Nucleo.

And coverage on Engineering TV

Enjoy your favorite music over Wi-Fi with the ease of DLNA functionality.

With Econais’ WisAudio, there is no limit to home audio entertainment.

Wi-Fi RC toy-car. Simple existing toys can become hi-tech interesting game machines, for unlimited fun!

With Econais WiSmart it is possible to design advanced toys with ‘logic’, able to communicate to each-other, have multi-user control and many more.

3D mouse. Using a standard WiSmart module and a gyro sensor you can have a mouse that does not need a surface to work. The same idea can be applied for RC toys control. In the video the standard SDK of WiSmart is used.

Check how fast you can connect to an Access Point with WiSmart modules.

Create light control solutions with WiSmart. See the from the demo during “Embedded World 2012″ exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.

There are a lot more things you can do with WiSmart. All these things are also very easy to make! Econais software does not require any prior knowledge of MCU programming or WiFi management.

It is very easy to write a few lines of code to upload from your WiSmart data to a cloud based service like the Xively Cloud.

Xively Cloud Services™

The world’s first Internet of Things (IoT) Public Cloud