EOL/LTB Announcement

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Dear Valued Customer:

We have been informed by our chip supplier that they will be phasing out production of their chips, for which there are no direct replacements. We have spent a good deal of time and energy searching for replacement suppliers for these chips but have not been successful. We apologize for this and understand this may have a major impact upon your operations. As a result, Econais products will be made available per the timelines and conditions noted below.

We have identified products that will be transitioned to an “End-of-Life” status. Products targeted for end-of-life will be available for a last time buy purchase. The products identified for inclusion in our Last Time Buy Program, including new production orders, are the following:

EC19W01, Minimum Purchase Quantity (MPQ) – 2,000
EC19D01, Minimum Purchase Quantity (MPQ) – 4,000
EC32L13, Minimum Purchase Quantity (MPQ) – 3,000

The products identified for inclusion in our Last Time Buy Program to be fulfilled from existing inventories, no new production orders, are the following:


Under the terms of the last time buy program, orders will be accepted for 4 months, commencing with the date of this notice, after which no additional orders will be accepted. Scheduled deliveries will be permitted within 7 months of the date of this notice. Thereafter, these products will be considered obsolete and no additional deliveries will be made.

Acceptance of last time buy orders is subject to component availability, production scheduling, and the terms established by Econais. Every effort will be made to fulfill these orders. Purchase orders for these products will be considered non-cancelable, non-returnable (NCNR). If you have any questions concerning this End-of-Life notification, please contact your Econais representative.

Dimitris Leonardos
VP, Product Management

Download Official Notice


Q: What kind of technical and market support will Econais provide for existing products as well as any under development but not yet on the market? For how long, will Econais provide this support?
A: Up to the final shipments of products in the EOL/LTB, Econais will continue to support technical questions, production issues, or any marketing/sales related items.

Q: Are there any discounts for large purchases during the EOL/LTB of the Econais products?
A: Consistent with large volume pricing, existing quotations will be honored and large discounts can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Why can’t Econais use other brands of Wi-Fi chips inside the modules? Have other Wi-Fi chips/modules been considered before announcing the EOL/LTB for the existing Econais modules? Is it possible to replace the Wi-Fi chips in our products that use the Econais modules? Is there an alternative module that would be straightforward to use as a replacement?
A: Most Wi-Fi chips have been considered and evaluated, as well as other Wi-Fi modules, however, none were identified as either direct replacements nor as competitive on as many parameters as would have made sense to switch to in production. Unfortunately there is no simple alternative for swapping out the module.

Q: What is Econais’ plan for the market? Is Econais going out of business? Is Econais planning to continue offering anything in IoT/M2M?
A: Econais’ WiSmart offering was comprised of both hardware and software. Moving forward, Econais is evaluating focusing exclusively on software to help IoT developers speed up development and adoption of IoT connections, apps, and lifecycle maintenance of IoT devices.