Cyberworkshop is a voice focus company located in Hong Kong. Our staff are highly qualified professionals in research and development. We provide hardware and software solutions to toys and consumer industries using our own developed technologies. Our Strategic Partner network ensures that our software solutions are the most innovative and customer-centric solutions available today.

HiFi is an abbreviation for “High Fidelity”. It refers to playing the sound closest to its original sound. We wanted to open a new world by overcoming the limits of HiFi with our new and revolutionary technologies. By using the Latin word Neo that means new, we named ourself “Neo Fidelity” with the goal of bringing new sounds to the world. History of NeoFidelity NeoFidelity was founded in April 2000 by PhDs from Applied Acoustics Laboratory of Seoul National University who were audio/signal processing experts. They established this company to manufacture a semiconductor product that processes digital audio signals. Thanks to its advanced technology, NeoFidelity successfully created the world’s best distortion compensation filter that helps overcome the limitations of TV speakers. Its new and revolutionary technology successfully aided in commercialization of digital TVs. It can be applied in small portable devices to bring out the best sound quality. By making new advances in technologies in a variety of fields, NeoFidelity will become the leader of digital audio with its passion and expertise in producing high quality audio.

SpeedPixel is a world leader in Wireless Video Surveillance Solutions

  • SPWVID Series is the world first single baseband chip solution for Wireless Video Surveillance Application
  • Over 10 Wireless Video products OEM / ODM manufacturers have chosen SpeedPixel SoC Solution
  • Our solution is suitable for wide variety of wireless video survellience products

TriDiNetworks developed an innovative cloud based Platform for wireless M2M and IoT networks.
The Platform enables unprecedented low Total Cost of Ownership and quick ROI based on patented algorithms, methods, tools and products. It is applicable for Lighting and HVAC Control, Smart meters, Home Automation, Smart Appliances and Wearable Devices. Based on its Platform, TriDiNetworks provides TriDiAutomation, a wireless lighting and HVAC granular control and energy monitoring system. The system delivers cloud-based software service, with focus on energy efficient LED Lighting Control. TriDiNetworks looks for OEM agreements and channel partners for the adaptation and distribution of its technology and products.

tridentnetworks_LED demoL

tridentnetworks_LED demoL

ABOVE:Econais DK is connected to a 50W LED fixture which can be dimmed locally with an up/down switch and though the cloud. YouTube Video Demo


ABOVE:Econais DK is connected to a 50W LED fixture which can be controlled from the cloud. YouTube Video Demo