ProbMe™ Secure Configuration Software

Econais makes it possible to securely configure an entire network with a single click

ProbMe™ secure configuration software feature is available and shipping with Econais Wi-Fi Modules, Development Kits and Reference Designs. ProbMe solves one of the biggest challenges for consumer and commercial networking – how does an end user securely set up and configure new devices on their network as quickly and easily as possible? Think WiSmart™.


  • Simplified installation for consumers and professionals
  • Out-of-the-box configuration of EC19 devices
  • Compatible with any Wi-Fi access point/router/hub
  • Utilizes standard SSID/Passphrase for configuration
  • Works with devices containing EC19 series modules
  • Integrated as part of WiSmart technology
  • Low development cost
  • Integrated into EC19 module
  • Incorporated in WiSmart technology
  • Included with modules (no royalty/licensing fee)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to configure
  • No extra infrastructure or software needed

Econais ProbMe provides an easy, fast and secure way to add new devices to a network. With ProbMe, after the user unpacks and turns on their new device, the device “quietly listens” until the user activates it – no one else knows it is there. This helps prevent hackers from identifying and attacking new and un-configured devices. To activate these new Wi-Fi devices, the user simply sends out a configuration code from their computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone. The configuration code is broadcast to all the new devices, which, after “hearing” the code, automatically configure themselves to the network. Voila! The devices are immediately connected and configured. What makes ProbMe even more valuable is its ability to activate any number of devices at one time. Hundreds of devices could be located throughout a home or office and instead of having to activate each one separately, they all can be activated and configured in just one simple step. Talk about saving a LOT of time, hassle, and risk. Think WiSmart.

ProbMe provides an embedded capability that enables a single step to securely configure 1, 10, 100, or even 1,000 devices in mere seconds. Multiple devices can be securely configured simultaneously and numerous commands can be implemented and customized – including customization of security options. ProbMe currently supports commands such as “Connect to Wi-Fi network in client mode”, “Start as Wi-Fi access point” and “Connect to WPS Wi-Fi network by emulating Push Button or PIN”.

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