WiSmart EC32L Tools

Econais provides WiSmart Software and Hardware Tools for evaluation and development with Econais WiSmart modules.

It allows programmers with fundamental or no previous knowledge of WLAN programming to rapidly develop applications using the comprehensive libwismart library eliminating practically the development up-time for Wi-Fi embedding in any existing or new application.



  • Libraries of the Core Management Engine and functions for Cortex-M3 Microcontrollers
  • Sample code for interfacing with external devices with Example Applications
  • Free toolchain
  • Support packages
  • Includes TCP/IP stack
  • Includes WPA/WPA2 support
  • MCU manufacturer’s libraries can be used in parallel with libwismart32

Software Organization

The software is organized in distinctive modules some of which are libraries and some are plain source code. The libraries include the wpa supplicant and the core engine of the Wi-Fi functionality. This engine exports a well defined API which can be used in order to achieve all the required Wi-Fi functions. The library includes the tcp/ip stack, a TCP/IP API, Wi-Fi core API and Tx/Rx API.

All these leave more than enough memory space for the user to develop their own application!

Also free sample code is provided demonstrating the way to access external devices through various interfaces (analog & digital).

Full documentation of the library API is provided with references to the provided sample code.


Software Organization

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